Sat. Aug 13th, 2022

Working in the 21st Century with GreyHobb (Greysoft Technologies –

The Covid-19 pandemic came with a truckload of revelations. It is clearly possible for people to work from outside traditional office spaces and still achieve results. Also, since working from home comes with its own share of distractions such as the assurance of electricity supply in this part of the world, internet integrity, the absence of a semi-work environment where one could call out Amina from the next workstation and ask her opinion on a professional matter, children interruption during work hours etc., Greysoft Technologies – decided to design a beautiful and serene co-working space (The GreyHobb) to take away all your headaches and the best part here for startups looking to spend a fortune on setting up their own office space is that they can just save that money and come to GreyHobb for as low as 15k monthly subscription.

Co-working spaces can lower a company’s real estate costs and provide greater flexibility in procuring and managing space. As a business strategy, co-working can be more cost-efficient than creating dedicated office space in certain markets with a large percentage of highly mobile employees. For businesses seeking to quickly enter new geographic markets, co-working also provides a more efficient alternative to planning, designing, constructing and relocating to a new permanent office space.

GreyHobb provides its visitors with an inspiring work and relaxation environment. On entry, you’ll spot an outdoor work area, heavily supplied with unwavering electricity and internet supply. You will also notice the abundance of breeze, clean oxygen air, blowing in from all corners. This is because of the lavishness of trees in the premises. As you approach the hub, you’ll notice to your left, the cafeteria with two external gazebos where co-workers can sit and eat as well as work. Behind is an external urinary where gents can go to do their thing. Inside the structures are well ventilated rooms, artistic sceneries with inspiring quotes and texts. The highpoint of it all is the culture that is practiced by the people in this environment, both staff and co-workers. A sharing ecosystem with everyone eager to learn and contribute to the growth of the other.

At GreyHobb, we can say we agree with the Nigerian artist Davido when he said; “We Rise by Lifting Others”.

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