Wed. Aug 10th, 2022
Col Gora Albehu Dauda Rtd.


Col. Gora Albehu Dauda Rtd.

While we slept, they sneaked in from the from the Futta Djalon highgrounds and whilst we were asleep, they strategized on what to do with Nigeria. 

At Degel, they were disguised as Islamic teachers and as we all slept, they planned the coup. They slaughtered and depossed in the name of cleansing their faith while we slept. While we slept, they supplanted the Kings of Hausaland, replacing them with their kinsmen or tribesmen. They called it a jihad and soon took all the power while we all slept. While we yet were asleep, they introduced the Emirate system which is now out greatest undoing in Nigeroa. Had the Hausa Kingdoms not slumbered there is no way they could have lost out so easily. 

When the Oyinbo came knocking, they were at the door to receive him while we slept. The Oyinbo quickly adopted his administration on the Emirate system and called it Indirect Rule while we all slept. For acceptability, they came up with the name HausaFulani given that they knew they had no claim to any land here and they achieved some level of acceptability while we slept. 

They carefully set out positioning theirs into the civil.service  of the then Northern Region and the Federation whilst we were asleep. They secretly monitored the careers of their own sons and few daughters and ensured that no promotion was missed as we slept on. 

They dominated the Customs, Police, Immigration, Correctional Service while we were asleep. At first, they were never interested in the Military due to its inherent danger but when the era of coup making came around, they rushed theirs and carefully guided them to becoming Military Governors and or Administrators, this they did while we slept. They used others to execute the last Civil War but they were the first in sharing the spoils whilst we were all sleeping. 

Theirs got the best postings or occupied the best positions in the Armed Forces and the Nigeria Police whilst the rest of us slept. Most of the State Police Commissioners are from their stable and so they are able to twist policing any which way they want while we all slept. 

Technically, they have taken over the whole country while we all slept. They have foisted their own tribesman as president by blindfolding the Southwest into an alliance as the rest of us slept. The tribesman president took all the time he needed to put together a Cabinet in which almost every member from the North is from their stable while we all slept. While we all slept, they ensured that they skillfully ensured that the top 20 positions in what is called NNPC which some are sacarsticslly calling Northern Nigeria Petroleum Corporation are all from their stable even when that region does not produce even a litre of oil. 

Look around and you will find out that all the petrol stations belong to them. The dubious Ruga and Grazing Reserve Bills were rushed through to ensure that their imported tribesmen were everywhere in the territory of Nigeria while we slept. 

The imported tribesmen had AK 47s well concealed  with which they were to effect the complete takeover of the country much in the style of the Taliban in Afghanistan while we slept. Once in a while they did appoint one or two none members from outside their stable to some important appointments but such served only as their puppets whilst they were the puppeteers even as we slept on. 

They have elevated their cows well above human beings whilst we were all asleep just because their’s is president Today, they are frantically looking for a history to support their dubious claim to the territory called Nigeria. 

It is this claim that is the reason WE as bonafide ethnic nationalities of this country have to wake up from the slumber to fight for our ancestral lands. If we continue to sleep, it will be too late.

We are just waking up to find out that we are all surrounded by AK 47 wielding tribesmen. We are just waking up to discovering that our country is almost completely taken over. We are just waking up to the reality that the national security architecture is commanded by their’s. We have just woken up to discovering that death is common place everywhere in the land. The imported jihadists have introduced a new dimensions to death in Nigeria, aside death by gunshots against defenceless civilians, the old, infirmed, women and children are viciously hacked to death in cold blood mostly while they slept. 

Others are being burnt alive in their homes, any trying to escape are cut down with machetes. The terrorist jihadists derive special pleasure in slaughtering their innocent victims much in the style of Sallah rams. 

To demonstrate their level of viciousness, they go as low as cutting down crops growing up on farms without realizing that the crops will be feeding both friend as well as the enemy in due time. It has been convenient during the reign of the tribesman to mop up locally fabricated hunting dane guns, bows and arrows, cutlasses used by peasant farmers whilst the imported tribesmen were left to flaunting their AK47s with the utmost of impunity. 

We are just waking up to discovering that the strategy of disarming the local population is to ensure they cannot mount any resistance to the imported jihadists. We have also woken up to the fact that almost all the Commanders and other sensitive appointments in the ranks and file of the national security architecture are held by one of theirs. 

As Nigeria burns, the Oga whose primary responsibility is to ensure our safety pretends not to SEE or HEAR anything and so does nothing to stop the slaughter. The Oga who is dumb and deaft wants the tribesmen to pursue their cattle rearing business at the expense of other people’s businesses and on other people’s ancestral lands. 

How can that be now that we have woken up from sleep? Now that we have woken up from the long and deep sleep every part of this stranded contraption except one is earnestly asking for RESTRUCTURING but they are running rings round the issue. They must know that the game is up and that we have cracked their code and things will never be the same ever again.

Now that we have woken up from the deep  slumber as ethnic nationalities, it is for us to cleave one to the other so that no foreign Intruders and usurpers of power can Lord it over us ever again. The Hausa community whose kingdoms were surreptitiously stolen under the guise of cleaning up Islam must now stand up strong and firm to recover the loot from the thieves. 

If anything at all the Hausa people as bonafide ethnic Nigerians must now denounce the fraud in the name HausaFulani because it was designy to accommodate the foreign intruder’s interest. Whilst a peaceful arrangement can be agreed via the mechanism of RESTRUCTURING, where this is rejected, then all other means possible must be pursued. 

As ethnic nationalities in this beleaguered country, we have paid much more than an acceptable price in lives, pain and humiliation at the hands of the foreign occupiers. It is because we failed to cleave one to the other that the foreign occupiers have all along been exploiting the divisions between us. 

We can stand on the mountain top and shout it to the hearing of the entire world that the land on which our people are presently settled is our God given heritage. We did not come from elsewhere as History has recorded of the foreign occupiers.

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