Mon. Jun 27th, 2022
Comrade Dauda Hussaini Paiko


Dauda Hussaini Paiko

Northern Governors are the most useless set of Governor’s in the world. They don’t meet to discuss ideas of how to improve life, add value to their states. The only time they meet is when discussing Social Media Bill or Presidency.

We have 19 Northern States. Out of that 19, only 2 are viable. Kano, maybe Kaduna. The rest are over glorified States who’s main idea of States is Federal Allocation.

This jokers did not meet to end banditry, nor did they meet to end terrorism, let alone talk economic growth and how to foster development across the regions.

But these howlers will come and be threaten everyone how power must remain in the North. When you talk they claim they have the numbers.

Yes, you have the highest numbers of out of school children, with time BH & banditry will be child’s play, because those you fail to empower and educate will have no option than to take up arms.

Yes, you have the highest number of Girl child marriage. In some states, girls within the age of 10 – 12 are married off. That is why VVF have become rampant in NW States. Because their men don’t know anyone other than raping young children in the name of marriage.

Yes, you have the lowest GDP in the country, you produce nothing of commercial value. Your land that could be use to produce large farm products that could be use for industry are tents for terrorist.

The only thing you know is Power. Power without value. Power without making a difference. Power without control.

I am a Northerner. And I speak for majority of the sane ones. Power sharing is not our problem. Our problem is lack of Peace, Progress and Prosperity.

I want industry, trade, tourism and employment. Anyone parading himself as my leader should share that common interest with us.

I want food, employment, education, roads and access to credit to establish myself. I am tired of running everywhere with no hope.

These bunch of retards don’t speak for me.

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