Sat. Aug 13th, 2022

Pro-Buhari protesters have staged a counter-protest at the Unity Fountain, Abuja against the #EndSARS memorial protest. 

SaharaReporters observed that the protesters, reportedly paid by the government who are less than 15 arrived at the venue with placards; one of which reads, “EndSARS was an insurrection against the state”.

The leader of the protest said they had gathered against the #EndSARS protest because no one had died at the Lekki toll gate. 

He said, “We have come here because we found out that some miscreants hiding behind #EndSARS have planned to come here to hold #EndSARS memorial. We are here to set the records straight. If there was a massacre, where are the bodies?

“We are here to put those lies to rest. There was no massacre anywhere in Nigeria. If there was a massacre; let an incontrovertible evidence be produced. We are here to stop those that want to destablilise our country. We will resist them, fight them because we are patriots that believe in the Nigerian project. We will not allow elements sponsored by foreign interests. We have no other country than Nigeria.”


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