Thu. Aug 11th, 2022
Okome Henry


Okome Henry

There is a popular adage which says that “what a man can do, a woman can do even better” one of the reason why most ladies are often stranded as regards fending for themselves is this mentality of learning conventional trades or handworks meant for ladies only.

I noticed that once a lady decides to learn a handwork or trade, she goes for things like; hair dressing, nails/eye lashes fixing, make up, fashion designs for women, baking, catering and exclusive boutique business (for those girl with rich boyfriends) etc..

Truth is, those line of business venture for ladies is saturated already and the competition is on the increase thereby making most ladies struggle with less patronage. But in a situation whereby a lady decided to learn handworks supposedly meant for guys only, that lady will excel greatly because she will not only be patronised but admired and giving referrals by men.

There are lots of male dominated handworks ladies can take advantage of. Yesterday, I met a lady in a barber’s shop and i was both amused and amazed to find her giving a nice hair cut to this particular guy. That lady is always busy with work because she stood out as most guys would rather patronize her instead of having their hair cuts with male barbers.

Some of you may have stumbled on a trending video on social media where a young talented lady was playing a guitar and was making excellent rhythms of high life music with it to the amazement of viewers. In fact, a lot of people on the comment box were already asking for her services. imagine how that lady is becoming a celebrity with her talent. Same goes with other kind of male dominated trade.

For Example; shoes making, repairs of phones/computers, sewing of men’s wears, auto-mobile servicing, driving, laundry service, almaco constructions, DJs, female MC. etc. These are just few out of many. You can take advantage of these and learn something to make yourself outmstanding. As lady, those funny joke you post on facebook to make people laff, you can become an MC ( master of ceremony) and make money from it.

Please girl, that time you use in washing hips of clothes in your boyfriend’s house in the name of showing how wife material you are, you can open a laundry shop and most men would be glad to patronize you.

Having a rich boyfriend is not a license to sit idle, his money is not yours, women are endowed with lots of talents but many are dormant because of the little tips they get from their boyfriends. Ladies, please discover your talent and let your generation feel your existence. I hope this make sense.

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