Sat. Aug 6th, 2022


Gideon Dauda

Before reading this opinion of mine, it is imperative we look at the elementary semantics of the word “NARCISSIST”.

NARCISSIST is a mental personality disorder characterized by a sense of grandiosity, the need for attention, admiration, and a lack of empathy. It often accompanies other psychiatric disorders and can be difficult to treat. Most often than not, this disorder needs the attention of a clinical psychologist or therapist to treat.

A careful study at the word NARCISSIST viz a viz its personality traits. Out of such traits advance, two are outstanding for me below;

1) Grandiosity: feeling superior to everyone and exaggerated sense of importance.

2) Lack of Empathy : lacking ability to care about the emotional, psychological feelings, needs or experiences of others.

At this point, the quitessential question to pose is?
Does this mental disorder explained abinitio classically describe a major personality in kaduna state?

Your sound judgement is as good as mine!!!

Let’s proceed!

Kaduna state of today with all it’s scamillus beautiful projects and edifice all around has on the other side of the coin become the epicenter of agony and pain.
You can’t define hardship and poverty without making reference to the practical situation facing the people residence in the state.
Pundictic oratory would perhaps or rather describe the condition in the state as synonymous with that of 19th century famine of China.

A state were government takes stringent policy overnight without taking holistic cognizance of the social-economy implications of such decision. Obviously, the sycophants in his government doesn’t tell him the truth or he doesn’t listen to them, the two either suffices.

People resident in the state has been force to become Marathon foot champions resulting from total ban of cyclists and time-ban of commercial tricycle.

A friend told me how his aged and sick mother treked about 8 killometers, she was latter hospitalized. Haba Mallam Nasiru….making a policy that would/has significantly affected the transportation of people ought to have had an AFTERTHOUGHT looking at the consequencial implications.

Not talking about those who’s houses and business shops demolished without compensation. What of those who used their hard-earned money or gratituity to painstakingly build their houses? Where will they start from?

With all the moribund industries and state of coma SME’s leading to a skeletal economy activities in the state, the state is said to be the 6th highest in IGR INTERNAL GENERATED REVENUE.
I mean, this goes to show the predicated suffering of the people in the state. A state with little or no industrial or economic activities generating revenue more than an industrial-economic viable state like kano state, even economy experts can’t give a logical, valid and fair explanation to this revenue generation in kaduna except that it is taken from the masses in the state.

I can imagine the number of SME’s in the state that has fold-up, just imagine the number of agents of terminals (POS) that has losed their Businesses due to the shot-down of mobile statelite, I mean, this business alone had engage a good number of youths untill the shot-down of network. What of those doing motor cycle business? I wonder what magic those with such businesses with families have done to feed their dependant lately. The frank question to ask is? How many men with weak minds will absorb the pressure of not providing for their families without engaging in quasi crime?

Am dumbfounded but rather embarrassed that in kaduna state Nigeria communication is not use as a form of intelligence gathering.
Network and Spy satellites are valuable tools to track-down criminal activities in western clime, but, here in kaduna Nigeria, Network satellites Outage are seemingly use to truncate criminal element activities.

What a Counter-productive strategy!

I Akin this outdated and barbaric security strategy to taking one step forward and two step backwards with same footing by extention throwing the baby with the bath water.

Perhaps, if this security strategy would have completely address the insecurity in the state it would have been a different issue to discuss another day. Innocent and law abiding people of the state still get killed and kidnapped.
The Terrorist may be ahead to use satellite phones or other device since we are in 21st century to out-smart the primitive-intelligence put in place by Nasiru’s government to continue their nifarous activities.

As a crime expert, I make bold to say that the we can’t combat and win this war technologically and sociologically which seems to be the only viable tool that has stood the test of 21century practices in curbing criminal elements.

A government that has refuse to swallow and work with the bitter truth being told to them by state lovers but rather prefer sweet lies from their hungry worshippers. No wonder, they wouldn’t hesitate to keep behind-bars those who are not economical with the truth to them.

This is the kaduna of today.

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