Tue. Aug 16th, 2022

Kaduna Based Pastor and preacher of the word of God, Pastor David Ayuba, popularly known as Azzaman Azzaman, yesterday spoke truths to power In a bid to settle the problem of religious intolerance taking tolls in Kaduna State and other Northern States of the Federation.

Middle Belt Times confirmed that, despite having six (6) Mosques in the Kaduna State University, strategical built across the school campus, no single church building can be found as Christians only carryout church activities under canopies as a result.

Speaking on the striking differences infiltrated into the system is Pastor Azzaman, who explosively dragged the Kaduna State Government and the school Management, the Clergyman believes stoping Christians who didn’t have a single church in the University from erecting a church is barbaric, unheard of and reprehensible, adding that the Gospel of God cannot be stopped or tamed for whatever reason.

“How can the Management stop the church From continuing her Construction project and advised them to fellowship in canopies, are Muslims in the school fellowshipping in canopies?” Pastor Azzaman questioned.

The Clergyman however declared that, “no one can stop a project that seeks to glorify the name of the Lord, adding the Catholic & Protestant Churches will be built on the School soil with Blocks and not temporary Canopy.”

“Kaduna State belongs to both Christians and Muslim, statistics show that Kaduna State has over 4 Million Christians, so any attempt to Favour one Region at the expense of the other will be resisted with outmost priority.” He said.

“Let those orchestrating this division be careful, We will cry to God and he’ll answer us accordingly. “Pastor Azzaman said.


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