Wed. Aug 10th, 2022

Sefinatu Sophie Umaru.

The legislature is a crucial arm in a democracy. Typically, democracies operate a bicameral legislature i.e. a legislature comprising two chambers; an upper chamber (The Senate) and a lower chamber (House of Representatives). A bicameral legislature guarantees equal representation, especially for minorities and the disadvantaged.

The senate checks & prevents hasty and ill considered passage of bills, ensures bills are properly debated, corrects faulty legislation and creates room for more politically & administratively experienced people skilled in the act of law making to make meaningful contributions to the society.

In addition to his legislative duties, a senator represents the interest of his people and lobbies for benefits and favourable outcomes on their behalf.

Southern Kaduna Senatorial District is inundated with several challenges among which are primarily; insecurity, unemployment and lack of amenities that make life meaningful for residents.

Southern Kaduna needs an energetic, proactive and emphatic man skilled in the art of negotiating. A man with networks and acquaintances across the country to adequately secure meaningful legislation that will tackle the challenges faced by residents of Southern Kaduna.

Every society needs people-oriented leaders and Honourable Sunday Marshall Katung (SMK) has proven beyond reasonable doubt that he takes the interest of his people to heart.
He has garnered vast experience in the corporate world, governance and legislature as listed below:

  1. In the corporate world, he was a stickler for due process, professionalism and objectivity.
  2. As a commissioner, he developed and implemented people-oriented policies.
  3. As a member Federal House of Representatives, he initiated and sponsored motions which include:
    − A motion that the HoR receives the report of the bill for an act to establish the Nigeria Peace Corps (NPC) to empower, develop and provide alternative empowerment for the youths to facilitate peaceful community service, nation-building and for other related matters.

− A motion investigating tremours and earthquake at Jaba LGA, and setting up special intervention for those affected

− A motion to revive the textile industries in Nigeria with particular reference to Kaduna/Kano axis.

− A bill to establish The National Security Trust Fund for the provision of Military and Security hardware, infrastructure and technology for security agencies in Nigeria and for related matters.

− Advocating for sons and daughters of Southern Kaduna whose employments were wrongfully terminated.

As a believer in youth empowerment, he kept an eye for employment opportunities, grants and scholarship opportunities for members of his constituents and maximised the opportunities whenever they came up.

  1. As a philanthropist, he believes education is the key to unlocking one’s potentials and has sponsored youth of Southern Kaduna to seek knowledge and empowerment via scholarships.

Sunday Marshall Katung (SMK) is a dynamic leader and visionary that can represent the people of Southern Kaduna in The Senate. The people of Zangon Kataf/Java Federal Constituency who have been endeared to him during his first term in the Blue Chamber can attest to the fact that he has got what it takes to fight for his people at the Federal Level.

Sunday Marshall Katung (SMK) has been greatly disturbed and affected by the insecurity within Southern Kaduna and has already drafted legislative agenda to tackle the situation.

Sunday Marshall Katung is a firm believer in innovation and is highly motivated to try new methods and ideas to carry Southern Kaduna forward and motivate and inspire those around him.

To the people of Southern Kaduna Senatorial District, Sunday Marshall Katung deserves your vote to serve you better in the years ahead.

Let us bring peace, equity, development and good governance to Southern Kaduna.

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