Tue. Jun 28th, 2022
Emmanuel Gandu


[ Nigeria and Nigerians have been so much bastardized and killed respectively by religious intolerance that any sacrifice to reclaim our humanity, and country from the brink will not be too much.]

The search for credible candidates that would bring democratic fortunes to Nigerian political parties have led to the emergence of alliances and scheming leading to issues like having a Muslim – Christian ticket, or Muslim – Muslim ticket.
Interestingly, the Moshood Abiola – Baba Gana Kingibe Muslim – Muslim ticket gave Nigeria the most nationally acceptable, best, and free election in history – the 1993 June 12 election that was annulled by General Ibrahim Gbadamasi Babangida.

However, Nigeria cannot dream of another Muslim – Muslim ticket because the country today is so polarized and divided along religious, ethnic, tribal and regional lines that it will come with catastrophic consequences.
Unfortunately, this is more so because Muhammadu Buhari (2015 – date) has put a knife on the things that held us together and we’ve fallen apart.

(1) Development projects are concentrated in the Muslim dominated parts of Kaduna town, and also in Zaria.
These projects include major roads, township roads, neighborhood roads, flyovers, and markets.
(2) On the contrary, the Christian dominated parts of Kaduna town, and indeed the entire Southern Kaduna is totally neglected and abandoned.
The only semblance of road construction/renovation is the Muslim settlement in and around the Emir of Kafanchan palace.
(3) The 17 year old Kaduna State University have five Mosques on the Kaduna campus while Christians have no single Church.
Efforts by the Christian community to erect a structure was resisted with a June 6 2022 demolition allegedly supervised by military/security who collected the hand set phones of the few Christians present at the time of demolition.
(4) Kaduna State government declared a Friday work free day for its work force. If this was for the purposes of equity since Sunday is also a work free day which to me is commendable, then it behoves on the person who preaches equity to be fair and just to all concerned in all cases.
He who talks about equity must come with clean hands.
(5) Kaduna State has witnessed a dangerous and an unending religious crisis than any other state in Nigeria.
This got to a higthtened with catastrophic consequences from 2016 – date.
Consequently, killing in the name of God by both adherents of Christianity and Islam in Kaduna state became the norm rather than the exception.
Regrettably, cases of religious related attacks and killings are reported on daily basis, with government seemingly overwhelmed.
(6) This Muslim-Muslim ticket may be a catalyst for a feeling of superiority of Muslims over Christians who feel that they are in charge.
On the part of the Christians, they may have a feeling of a second class status and therefore resign themselves to any situation meted to them.
Consequently, this superiority and inferiority complex is the gunpowder for violence at any slightest provocation.
(7) It may be argued that Nasir El-Rufai’s concept of introducing the Muslim-Muslim ticket was to eliminate the age long dichotomy in the state, but it seems like the people from either of the two divides might not have been ripe for such a radical change.
Whatever it is, time and posterity will judge and or vindicate.

The experience of Kaduna State, and as highlighted above should not only serve as a lesson for all political parties in making the choices of their candidates for executive positions, but also as a guide in the governance and policies of state.
Nigeria and Nigerians have been so much bastardized and killed by religious intolerance that any sacrifice to reclaim our humanity, and country from the brink will not be too much.

                   Peace 🙏

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