Tue. Aug 16th, 2022

Says Gumi Is Working For Government/Terrorists

“A situation whereby the federal government through the heads of security institutions headed mostly by Northern Moslems had always blamed the proscribed Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB) for attacks on National institutions and officers in the South East but fails to apportion any blames for such kinds of attacks elsewhere like the Oyo and Lokoja prisons’ breaks shows an entrenched double standard and a certain kind of crude hatred of Igbo ethnicity by key officials of government.
Besides, HURIWA has asked the president to order the immediate arrest of the Kaduna based Islamic Cleric Sheikh Ahmad Gumi and charge him to court of competent jurisdiction for violating the extant counter terror Act for supporting terrorists and Fulani bandits by once again threatening the  end of Nigeria should President Buhari classify Fulani militia as terrorists.
HURIWA in a statement said if the Federal government fails again to arrest Sheikh Gumi, then Nigerians should know that he is actually speaking the official position of key officials in government including heads of military institutions and the National Security Adviser who have all praised his role recently.
HURIWA recalled that the controversial Islamic Cleric Sheikh Ahmad Gumi on Sunday warned that declaring bandits as terrorists will mark the end of Nigeria as a sovereign and united entity.
Ahmad Gumi, a retired army military officer and mufti, admitted that the devastation inflicted by rampaging bandits in Nigeria’s northwest amounts to terrorism, but President Muhammadu Buhari’s labelling them as such will invite additional consequences that will consume the entire country.
HURIWA quoted Sheikh Gumi as saying thus: “The acts the bandits are committing now in NW have gradually over time become tantamount to terrorism because wherever innocent people are fatal victims it’s pure terrorism,” Mr Gumi said in a Facebook post on Sunday night. The cleric warned that the moment bandits are designated as terrorists, “Islamic for that matter, the direct foreign Jihadist movements will set in in force. “Many teaming unemployed youths may find it palatable and attractive. Shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ plus AK47 against a ‘secular’ immoral society where impunity reigns are the magnet for extremists and downtrodden – the majority of our youth. Already these deadly terrorist groups are fighting for the soul of these bandits,” he said. “This will give criminality a spiritual cover and remove the stigma of discrediting them with such crimes since now they are fighting a ‘Jihad’ as they will claim.”

But HURIWA queried the Federal government why the officials are pampering Gumi whose actions and statements are directly backing mass killers and terrorists but the central government is too quick to kidnap Nnamdi Kanu of the proscribed Indigenous Peoples of Biafra from Kenya for trial for treasonable felony and is chasing Sunday Igboho of the Yoruba Nation separatist agitation. 
HURIWA recalled that on April 5 2021,
a total of 1,844 prisoners were freed when gunmen attacked a correctional facility in Owerri, an official has said.
It was then automatically  reported that the attack on the prison by armed men initially suspected to be members of the outlawed Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB).The group had been blamed by the Government for previous attacks on security officers and facilities in the South-east and South-south regions.The Nigerian Inspector General blamed  the Eastern Security Network, the armed wing of the banned separatist group the Indigenous People of Biafra, are responsible for the attack. 

HURIWA recalled that amongst a plethora of attacks targeted at National security assets which are blamed on IPOB without any shreds of forensic evidence, Another incident is the report Of Thursday 7th August 2021 in which Imo police through its commissioner Mr. Abattam who said, “On August 5, at 21:35 hours, bandits, in their numbers attacked and threw explosives and petrol bombs on top of the roof of Orsu Police Station damaging the roof and causing fire outbreak in the station which spread and affected some of the vehicles parked at the parking lot. The command’s tactical teams on ground engaged the bandits in a gun duel. The police blamed the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra for this and scores of attacks.

HURIWA however said the federal government’s show of shameless double standard was manifested when On the 13th September 2021 , Gunmen attacked Kabba Correctional Centre in the early hours of Monday, freeing 240 inmates and killing two security operatives.The custodial facility was said to have had 294 inmates as of the time of attack. The Rights group said the President of Nigeria and heads of security institutions did not blame any group for the attack and for over a Month not a suspect is under arrest. The spokesman for the Nigerian Correctional Service (NCS) in the state, Mr. Olanrewaju Anjorin, confirmed the incident, saying: “Yes. It has been confirmed that the attack actually happened. And right now, the comptroller of Nigerian Correctional Service (NCS) and other top officers are assessing the situation.”

HURIWA then recalled that last week the Oyo prison with over 1,000 inmates experienced a massive prison break with all the prisoners escaping even as experts alleged that armed Fulani attackers were responsible and their target was the detained Oyo based Blind Fulani warlord Wakili blamed for the killings of Yoruba farmers for which Sunday Igboho mobilised his supporters to chase the armed Fulani militia away and the leader of the Fulani gangs was arrested and detained in prison. 
HURIWA then said the federal government failed to blame any particular group for the Oyo prison break even when the Fulani  terrorists are blamed by most experts. The Rights group said these signals of double standards by the current government in favour of Fulani terrorists is provocative, vexatious, treasonous,  unconstitutional and illegal just as the Rights group urge Nigerians to speak out in condemnation of the open practice of double standards by the federal government in Abuja now. 

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