Sat. Aug 13th, 2022

Kaduna state in Northern Nigeria famed for coming tops on Ease of Doing Business is rapidly adopting technology in almost all its endeavours. This naturally translates to an increase in digital activities around the state. In the last few years, we have seen tech innovation hubs emerge but the most prominent ones to engage if you were a stranger looking for a really great hub are as given below;

No. 1 GreyHobb
GreyHobb by Greysoft Technologies ( is a co-working and creative innovation hub whose mission is to help people leverage technology for improved livelihood. It is rumored to be the best hub in the state because of the serene nature of its architecture, the external working spaces with trees, embedded cafeteria, gazebos, unflinching dedicated internet, solar-powered electricity supply, its commitment to emerging technologies such as virtual reality, block chain, artificial intelligence and inspiring workspaces full of a community of people looking to share, learn and contribute to the growth of one another. GreyHobb has partnered with reputable organizations to enhance digital literacy, create incubation and acceleration programs as well as business clinics that can help founders structure their businesses such that it can generate the right traction and scale.
No. 2 CoLab
CoLab is the first innovation hub in Kaduna. It is an innovation hub and a collaborative community for startups, innovators, creatives and entrepreneurs whose purpose is to build a technology ecosystem in and around northern Nigeria, starting from Kaduna. Colab’s co-workspace is an environment that allows your natural curiosity foster learning, inspire creativity and innovation.
No.3 Ihifix Hub
Ihifix Innovation Hub is an Information Technology organization which delivers digital-enabled business solutions efficiently and cost-effectively. The goal at Ihifix is an Africa where any business can reach a global market using the internet thereby allowing even the smallest businesses to seamlessly expand into new markets by bringing their products and services online. They aim to do this by creating the best working environment for their workforce; top value for stakeholders and proudly lead the way for socially conscious businesses.
No.4 Kada Hive
Kada Hive is an Innovation Hub and Startup Incubator based in Kaduna with a global mindset. Their aim is to continue to build an ecosystem of startups, mentors, global partners, corporate and government representatives that enable them drive innovation and fill the gap between technology and industries in a human-centric way. Kada Hive also aims to collaborate and partner with more industry leaders and continue to drive innovation in the startup industry and beyond.
No.5 KAD ICT Hub
KAD ICT Hub is situated in Kaduna whose focus is to train youth annually in web development, mobile app development, hardware assembly, call center handling, entrepreneurship, and related fields. Some of the youth will then be transitioned into a high tech labor force that will work with the Kaduna state government and the Kaduna ICT Hub. The goal is to become an outsourcing powerhouse through which local companies and multinationals will outsource/execute their tech needs, while other youth can be empowered to kick-start their tech start-ups under this umbrella.

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