Sat. Aug 13th, 2022

President Muhammadu Buhari is proposing to spend N24,534,666,371 for the construction and provision of office building, local and foreign travels, meals and refreshments.

This was contained in the 2022 appropriation bill he presented to the joint session of the National Assembly on Thursday.

According to details contained in the appropriation bill, the President will spend about N2,309,066,788 on general travel and transport with code 220201 while N301,138,860 will be spent on foodstuff and catering supply.

There is an additional N30,652,500 to be spent on refreshments and meals while the provision/construction of office building takes the lion share of N21,974,763,310.

In the 2021 budget, Muhammadu Buhari had sought approval of N17.3billion to run the State House, Nigeria’s seat of power.

About N3.4billion of the approved expenditure for 2021 was also allocated to feeding and travel expenses for the Offices of the President and the Vice President.

The former gets about N2.6billion, while the latter will gulp about N873million.


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