Sat. Aug 6th, 2022
Ado Namarai and the Katsina state police PRO, Gambo Isah during the the fresh Interrogation in Katsina

A new twist has emerged in the interrogation of Ado Namarai, an arrested bandit from Katsina state who was part of a deadly bandits gang operating in Kaduna state, North-West Nigeria.

Middle Belt Times on Saturday exclusively reported that the bandit during interrogation indicted the Kaduna state Governor for “knowing about the place” where the bandits operate in a village called Sabon Filli in Giwa local government area of Kaduna state.

In a new video obtained by MBT, the bandit was seen speaking during a fresh Interrogation organized by the Katsina state police command where he was asked to clarify on his comment indicting El-rufai during his previous interrogation. The bandit speaking in Hausa language then said he didn’t mean that the governor was supporting the bandits activities.

The reason why I said El-rufai knows about the place is because last year, over a year and some months ago, I did 28 of the Ramadan fasting there in Sabon Filli before I came back here to Katsina and did the 29th and since then God hasn’t given me the grace to return there.

Certainly the reason why I said El-rufai knows where the bandits are is because, if El-rufai wants to work sincerely because of God like the Katsina state Governor is doing, he would have done so.

An airplane came to Sabon Filli and was releasing bombs, there were 4 Hilux vehicles on the ground, I was in my farm working that day. The aeroplane was shot and it managed to return back to the airport.

I hid in my farm and saw when one of the Hilux driver was shot, the others turned and left. This battle went on from 8am to 4pm. After the battle, the Hilux was burnt by the bandits. If you go there now you will see the burnt Hilux.

That is just what I meant by saying El-rufai knows about the place where the bandits are, because in his position as governor, he has the capacity to send in security to clear the place.

Am sure where he is seated now, in my own thinking, he is aware and sees everything that is happening

It would be recalled that Middle Belt Times on Saturday placed a call to the Katsina state police PRO, Gambo Isah to comment on the bandit’s indictment of El-rufai but he refused saying;

I cannot comment on the matter

As at the time of filing this report, MBT could not ascertain why a fresh interrogation was organized for the arrested bandit and under which circumstances he was brought to talk to the press.

Kaduna state has been ravaged by insecurity in the last decade with the situation becoming worse since the coming of the current APC administration in 2015. Several communities have been sacked by rampaging Fulani herdsmen and bandits while thousands have been killed along the line.

It would also be recalled that in 2016 the Kaduna state Governor during an interview session on Channels TV, confessed to offering the herdsmen carrying out killings of genocidal proportion in Southern Kaduna monetary compensation to stop the killings in the region, an action that further intensified the killings in the area.

Last Thursday, 38 victims of Fulani terrorists attack in Madamai and Abun communities were laid to rest during a mass burial covered by MBT.

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